RC Parachutes, balloon recovery and more

Small parachutes for hobbies

I got into small parachutes by dropping teddy bears for kids at events.

I was always interested in parachutes and set about recreating some of the latest, innovative parachutes in order to try and understand why they worked. Or even existed.

Having made square RAM-AIR parachutes, I set about creating efficient chutes for Drone Rescue and Balloon Payload Recovery. I have a few designs, based on the golden-ration, that perform surprisingly well.

At some point I’ll start making these plans available.

In the meantime, have a look around and get some ideas for your next small parachute project.


See some of the parachute types and get some inspiration for making your own.


See some of lifting kites that are available for purchase online.


Have a look at the chutes I’ve made to date. Any questions, get in touch.

Pull Down Apex Recovery Parachute

Ok, so I've made a medium size pull-down apex and it worked so well I thought I'd scale it down a bit - to a little bigger than a dinner plate. I made a rough which deployed quite nicely in the lounge one night. Then I got to thinking about a mass deployment of the...
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DIY – Make your own Parasail

Here all of the pieces have been cut out and sorted into the various gores. Note: the scissors were not used to cut these out. It was all hot cut. The printed guide is invaluable. Use it to confirm what goes where. It saved a lot of potential errors. The template held...
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DIY – Project – Make your own parachute

The brief was to create a small skydiving parachute to scale for instruction purposes indoors For this, Paul from Skydive Wild Geese sent a retired canopy as a reference and a source of material. The first thing to do was kite it up! Getting some reference photos and...
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