Parachuting Bears? Surely not!

Parafauna - parachuting bear imageParafauna, para teddies, skydiving bear...

...dropping your kids favourite teddy or toy from a kite by parachute can get to be a serious business.

The hours behind the sewing machine make it all worthwhile when you hear the cries of mirth from the kids as their favourite Mr Fluffy's parachute does a text book opening and drifts him lazily to earth. Of course, you can also drop sweets from your kites, another big hit with the kids.

The following pages are the start of my guide to kite parafauna and other parachuting things - be they furry or edible. (If they are both then you've probably held on to those sweets a little too long.)

Live in the UK?
Check out Kite Calendar to find out where the fun is at.

Interested in making your own parafauna?
Check these parachute plans >>

Ready Teddy Go dropped teddies in Exeter for Charity. Great to see a fun past time being used for a good cause. Get your bear down there!

Latest Project: PF137 RC Skydiving Parachute

RC Skydiving Parachute

Hot of the sewing machine is this large RC Skydiving canopy. Stitched lineset and F111 fabric. Test jump to come soon.

NEW! MIM Paramodels RC Paraglider Range 2013!

Custom Parachute - Training Aid

This 1m scale parachute was completed for Skydive Wild Geese in Ireland.
They offer RAPS/Static line parachuting courses, tandem skydives plus a parachute display team.

Skydive Wild Geese - custom project underway


RC parachute Skydive Wild Geese commission

Mini RC Skydiving Canopy

Project II: The Skydive Wild Geese is finished.
9-Cell parachute with slider and working brake toggles.

Parasail parachute kite

Left: A scale version of a 16 gore, 4 panel parasail. The second one is always a lot easier. See the build here >>

Below: Completed: a project to build a parasail parachute. I used John Barker's gore which I failed to spot was for a 14-gore chute. I cut 16 and spent about 15 hours modifying the various panels for the vents, making templates, hot cutting and stitching before testing. Then I realised that I had two too many gores. Doh!

Fortunately, I'd left two panels blank in between the side and rear vents and could take them out quite easily and restitch.

Parasail parachute

Mini Parasail with toy bear attached

MIM Radio Controlled Paragliders ItalyRC Paragliders

If you want something a little more sophisticated then have a look at MIM Paramodels: Quality RC Model Paragliders >>
Attention to detail, high quality materials and a passion for innovation. Ivan is making some superb quality gear that is easy to set up and fly.

I'll be posting new photos of their exciting products as I get them.

<< This is their latest prototype, complete with V-Ribs.

MIM Paramodels is based in Italy and ship worldwide.

MIM offer ready to fly kits, that are pre-trimmed.