Why parachuting teddy bears?

  • dropping your kids favourite teddy or toy from a kite by parachute is fun
  • the wind is free
  • it’s expandable to include friends and friends-of-friends
  • it’s safe (as long you follow common sense)

The hours behind the sewing machine make it all worthwhile when you hear the cries of mirth from the kids as their favourite Mr Fluffy’s parachute does a text book opening and drifts him lazily to earth. Of course, you can also drop sweets from your kites, another big hit with the kids.

The following pages are the start of my guide to kite parafauna and other parachuting things – be they furry or edible. (If they are both then you’ve probably held on to those sweets a little too long.)

Ready Teddy Go dropped teddies in Exeter for Charity. Great to see a fun past time being used for a good cause. Get your bear down there!4