Why parachuting teddy bears?

  • dropping your kids favourite teddy or toy from a kite by parachute is fun
  • the wind is free
  • it’s expandable to include friends and friends-of-friends
  • it’s safe (as long you follow common sense)

I got into parachutes as a kid and then read Ron Moulton’s book on kites. There were some plans in it, which I used to create my first chute and the bug bit. From there I got asked to create balloon recovery parachutes, a scale model of a full size skydiving rig for training purposes, and it’s gone from there.

These pages will hopefully give you some inspiration for creating your own. Working out the pattern takes a bit of time but once you have it, you can scale it up or down.

I may be posting some plans, if I can get around to pulling a finger out, so do check back.


See some of the parachute types and get some inspiration for making your own.


See some of lifting kites that are available for purchase online.


Have a look at the chutes I’ve made to date. Any questions, get in touch.

Ok, the watermarking of images got a little out of hand but you’ll get the idea.