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Providing small parachutes and information on:

  • RC Skydiving
  • Multicopter Rescue Parachutes
  • Balloon Recovery Parachutes
  • Parafauna & Parachuting Teddy Bears
  • pretty much any small parachute applications

I am currently putting together a series of a tutorials and plans for a variety of small parachutes - it will take some time but it is underway. Of course, the fun doesn't stop there. We've got plenty of info on the way for RC Skydiving, RC Paragliding and even some rescue parachutes for you "stratospherical balloonists"!

Please excuse the heavy watermarking on all the images - I'm tired of my photos being lifted by Chinese companies who don't understand the concept of copyright.

I am not taking on any commission work at this time.

Parachuting Teddy Bear parafauna

Hot off the press!

Latest Project

RC Skydiving Parachute

The latest RC Skydiving parachute off the table. It is larger in size and accurate against its real-life counterparts.

F111 fabric with a spliced and stitched lineset means that it's light and clean.

You can make your own with a bit of time and a sewing machine. I'll be putting together some plans to download but it might not be this one.

If you're interested in a particular chute let me know - it might speed up the plan process :-)


I am a hobbyist and have been making parachutes for almost a decade.

It's fun and reasonably easy if you have a soldering iron and can use a sewing machine.

Word of Caution

Important: When dropping stuff by parachute, always keep in mind that the chute may not deploy.
This site is for informational purposes only. No liability is accepted for its use or misuse.


Important: There are a lot of variables that can influence the successful deployment of a parachute, especially where rescue & recovery chutes are involved. No one can guarantee a 100% success rate.


No plans are available at this time but there will be at some point in the future.