Rokkaku kite

The Rokkaku kite is actually a Japanese fighting kite but is stable on a tight line. Great stable lifter with a generous wind range.

Jones Airfoils

Based in the USA and hand made to a very high standard using premium materials, including kevlar.

If you’re looking for quality that will knock your socks off, Jones Airfoils is the place to go. They also offer a Dopero kite to the same high standard and a choice of frames.

If you’re doing kite photography, be sure to check out their KAP feather.

These are also suited to no-wind foot launches with parafauna – they climb easily, are very stable and lift a lot.

Photo shamelessy “borrowed” from Jones Airfoils.

Premier Power Sled 81 kite

Very nicely made. Powerful kite with a wide range but now ludicrously expensive. If you are set on spending this much money, buy the Barbara Meyer version – much prettier and has the same price tag.

The kite comes with 1-piece spars that stay in the kite which you then bend in half and put into the drogue which doubles as a carry bag. This is a big kite, capable of generating huge pull. I waited a week before flying this in light winds and it has great manners.

The HQ range is almost half the price.

You can buy an 81 lifter kite from Go Kites – great service and very knowledgeable.

HQ Power Sled 3.0 L kite

Quite a robust version.

Kite comes with 2 part spars so you can collapse it quite small. Mine arrived with a spar protruding through one of the spar sleeves so I’d change them to single long length, flexible spars and make a longer bag to prevent this happening again.

  • Great kite with good pull
  • made from a heavier fabric than most
  • can handle strong winds

You can get this kite from: Go Kites.

HQ Kites now represent better value for money than the Premier versions.

Delta Conyne kite (or modified)

Great stable kite. Easy to make and flies like a dream.

Moulton’s book says “Make one, you’ll never regret it.
It has detailed working plan, except for the bridle which makes it a bit of trail and error.

If the kite flies, you’ve got it right. Mine didn’t but I have seen versions that love the sky.

Sky Hook 60 Parafoil

The Sky Hook looked promising but has not proved popular among my kite group.

It’s a bit of a drunkard in the sky as you can see from the video. It also flies at a lower angle so you don’t get as much height for the same length of line as Power Sled.

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