Messengers, Droppers and Releases

If you've made your parachute already you'll be wanting some means of releasing it. There are several ways to do it. Generally, the less hassle you want while you're out in the field, the more time you'll need to spend making a dropper or messenger kite. Below are some options.

Self Lifting Ferry by RG Technologies LLC

The Rolls-Royce of messenger kites: This is capable of ferrying loads under its own power.
For more info on this state-of-the-art lifter visit, CAD designed
and built by RG Technologies LLC.
Key features: Easy loading onto live line, ball bearing nylon rollers, Sky Shark P3X tubes.
It's due out soon and can be used for Parafauna, Candy drops and Kite Photography.

High Start Kite Release

The easiest and simplest way of launching parafauna from a kite must be the high start. The load is attached to the kite line while it is on the ground. The kite is then launched and it carries the load to height. Once there, a simple release drops the load. On the high start method you can use a pipe cleaner to attached the load to the line and then action the release by shaking the kite around when it is up. Bit primitive and you have to bring the kite down each time. In steady winds and a big kite this can get tiresome.

Hoistable Kite Release

This is a kite system using pulleys and allows the load to be lifted while the kite is aloft. Has the benefit of allowing the system to be reloaded without lowering the kite. For some great instructions check out >>
Can be hard work. More complicated setup.

Image on loan. I can't find out who actually owns the site but click the image and you'll get there directly.