Ok, so I’ve made a medium size pull-down apex and it worked so well I thought I’d scale it down a bit – to a little bigger than a dinner plate.

I made a rough which deployed quite nicely in the lounge one night.

Then I got to thinking about a mass deployment of the little parachutes.

So I got cutting.

These are made from Porcher paraglider fabric. Lovely light stuff but very crispy.

Five sets of gores, freshly cut.

Each parachute will be made up of 8 gores or sections. The centre hole will be pulled down on its own line. Six mini-PDA parachutes ready for the centre hole to be cut with a soldering iron and the lines attaching.Here’s a close-up of the orange one.

The lines are dacron black and they are stitched onto the seams.

** Update **

These have proved to be absolute stars. They are really efficient and fly well with or without the apex or central line.