RC Skydiving or parachuting has been around since the late 80’s. It’s never been a mainstream hobby but has had a consistent following.

It has specialist requirements that mean it isn’t for everyone. Most of all, the launching of the skydiver is the biggest hurdle.

Dropping methods

RC Plane

  • Requires a modified aircraft
  • Requires a second pilot to fly the launch plane
  • Can be done in zero wind conditions
  • Time between drops is short


Probably the fastest way to get up and running

  • Requires separate release servo and a modified tray for deployment
  • Easy to learn to fly a drone
  • Short time between drops
  • Can be done in zero wind
  • Gyro stabilised drones are stable, fast and efficient


Launching by kite is another method

  • Cumbersome setup
  • Cheap to run
  • Requires winds that may not be optimal for skydiving

Supppliers of RC Skydivers

Making your own

You can quite easily make your own. It’s time consuming but very rewarding. If you don’t fancy that, then one of the kits – at least for the body – can be purchased.

These days you can more easily get them 3D printed. This allows for easy customising and quick replacement of any parts that are needed.

Or buy your own ready-made RC Skydiving parachute as a stand alone >